Monitor the hatch for optimal mole cricket control

By Lane Tredway, Ph.D., technical services manager for Syngenta

With adults up to 2 in. long, mole crickets are the largest insect pests in turf and, by virtue of their size, can be the most destructive as well. When mole cricket populations are high, their tunneling and feeding activity can decimate large areas of turf in no time.

Provaunt® WDG insecticide prevents mole cricket damage by controlling the nymphs before they grow to this destructive stage. When treating fairways, tees and roughs with Provaunt WDG, golf course superintendents are eligible for the Provaunt Insecticide Mole Cricket Guarantee, which guarantees season-long mole cricket control through December 31, 2024.*

Left: adult mole cricket. Right: mole cricket damage. Source: Lane Tredway, Syngenta, 2010.

Deliver optimal results with Provaunt WDG

Two applications of Provaunt WDG at 18 oz./A are recommended for mole cricket control. The first application should be made at peak egg hatch, when the small nymphs are active at the surface and most sensitive to insecticide treatment. A second application should be made two to four weeks later. Applications of Provaunt WDG should be watered in with 1/8 in. of irrigation as soon as possible after application.

The timing of mole cricket egg hatch can vary widely from year to year based on soil temperature, moisture and other environmental factors that are not well understood. Local scouting is essential to determine the best timing for mole cricket applications.


Scouting for mole crickets

Scouting for mole crickets is easy with a simple soapy water flush (1 oz. of lemon-scented dish soap per gallon of water), which will quickly bring mole cricket nymphs and adults to the turf surface.

Mole crickets tend to invade the same spots year after year, so monitor previously infested areas to increase your chances of finding a population. For more details and a demonstration of a soap water flush, watch the video below.



Source: Adam Dale, University of Florida, 2018.

For more information about mole cricket control, contact your local Syngenta territory manager.

*Please see the Provaunt Insecticide Mole Cricket Guarantee sheet for terms and conditions.

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