Fast, effective fire ant control – guaranteed

By Lane Tredway, Ph.D., technical services manager, Syngenta

Nothing can ruin your day faster than painful fire ant stings. As outdoor activities start up this summer, rain and warming soil temperatures can produce outbreaks of red imported fire ants.

Historically for fire ant control, you had to choose between a fast-acting contact insecticide applied as a mound treatment, or a slow-acting insect growth regulator (IGR) applied as a broadcast treatment. Although they work quickly, contact insecticides don’t always provide complete colony control, and they aren’t very effective on colonies that aren’t visible. IGRs can provide longer-lasting results, but can take 30 days or longer to control active mounds.

For guaranteed season-long control of fire ants, make at least two applications of Advion® fire ant bait with a broadcast spreader at 1.5 lb./A when populations are foraging. One application should be made in the spring between April and May, and the second application should be made in the fall in mid-September. View the Advion Fire Ant Bait Guarantee Program for more information about application timing.

With Advion fire ant bait, you don’t have to decide between fast-acting or long-lasting fire ant control. With a single broadcast application or individual mound treatments, Advion fire ant bait provides complete colony control in as quickly as 72 hours after application, faster than any other fire ant product on the market. Furthermore, a broadcast application at 1.5 lb./A controls colonies that are not yet visible for long-lasting results.

Advion fire ant bait is formulated with a highly attractive bait matrix to take advantage of fire ants’ aggressive, efficient foraging behavior. Worker ants do the work to carry the bait particles into the mound and contaminate the colony’s entire food source, helping ensure rapid, complete control. Its active ingredient, indoxacarb, must be consumed and bioactivated by the ants’ internal enzymes to provide control, so it does not trigger an alarm response that can result in colony relocation, which can happen with other products.

For more information about fire ant solutions from Syngenta, contact your local Syngenta territory manager.

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