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Get ahead of pests this spring

One of the busiest times of year, spring production can also be the most difficult, particularly because of the variety of plant material in production. Ensuring your crops are protected from propagation to shipping is essential for a successful season. Being prepared is critical and can help limit insect or disease surprises.
Pansy production

A programmatic approach
One way you can prepare for spring is by using an agronomic program as a part of your overall production plan. An agronomic program is a comprehensive plan that focuses on preventing the common diseases and insects a crop may encounter. For example, geraniums are notorious for having Botrytis and occasionally rust; you would want to include a proven solution for these problems in your program.

Start by proactively scouting for the problems you anticipate and some that you may not. Develop a preventive action plan to help reduce outbreaks and plant injury, ensuring the production of a high-quality crop. Battling a disease or pest outbreak is often more costly, requiring more curative applications and labor time.

Syngenta has taken the guess work out of it for you and developed a wide variety of agronomic programs to help guide you through spring production.

Download pre-developed agronomic programs for greenhouses and nurseries by visiting GreenCastOnline.com/Solutions

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