Perfecting Your Disease Management Program

Ornamental crops are susceptible to a wide range of diseases from propagation to finish. An established disease management program, featuring the latest disease control innovations, can help ensure healthy plants by providing broader, more comprehensive disease control. Be sure to build your program with fungicides that feature different modes of action to avoid repeat applications and help prevent the development of fungal resistance.

Add Postiva, the Latest Innovation from Syngenta, to Perfect Your Program

Postiva™ fungicide is the perfect fit to round out your program. Powered by ADEPIDYN® technology and difenoconazole in FRAC Groups 7 and 3, Postiva makes an excellent rotation partner with other trusted Syngenta products. Add Postiva to your program to manage Fusarium, leaf spots, Botrytis, and powdery mildew and even suppress common bacterial diseases like Xanthomonas spp. Rotate Postiva with Mural®, Palladium® and Daconil® brand fungicides to control the following diseases and more:

  • Postiva
  • Groups 7 + 3
  • Fusarium, Botrytis, leaf spots, powdery mildew, rust, bacterial disease suppression
  • Mural
  • Groups 7 + 11
  • Fusarium, Botrytis, leaf spots, powdery mildew, pythium, rhizoctonia, rust
  • Palladium
  • Groups 9 + 12
  • Botrytis, leaf spots, powdery mildew
  • Daconil brand fungicides
  • Group M5
  • Botrytis, leaf spots, powdery mildew, rusts

A Closer Look: Fusarium

Fusarium is a difficult disease to control because once symptoms are visible, it’s often too late to prevent costly damage. For optimal control, you should monitor for conditions conducive to Fusarium development and plan ahead by incorporating a preventive fungicide application.

If Fusarium is a disease you battle often, then Postiva is a perfect fit for your operation. An early application of Postiva decreases the risk of a Fusarium outbreak because it has systemic and translaminar movement, which means it spreads to all parts of the plant for complete, preventive protection.

Control of Fusarium Root Rot in Chrysanthemum ‘Brandi Burgundy’

Fungicides applied 21 days before inoculation

Control of Fusarium Root Rot in Chrysanthemum 'Brandi Burgundy'
Treatments applied Jan 6. Plants inoculated Jan. 27. Rates per 100 gal. 2019 – Krasnow, Vero Beach Research Center

Visit to learn more about incorporating Postiva into your rotation program. Be sure to check out all of our rotation programs to stay ahead of common ornamental diseases.

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