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Preparation is an essential part of effective turfgrass management no matter your region or turf type. An effective season-long program means you need to consider managing biotic and abiotic stresses, seasonal limits, resistance management and more.

Syngenta offers over 50 agronomic programs customized for different regions and turf types that can help you plan for the season ahead. Each program is developed and tested by Syngenta technical experts and provides product recommendations timed to target different pest pressures. The programs are designed to:

  • Offer comprehensive, season-long control of pests affecting your region and turf type
  • Rotate products with different modes of action to help prevent the development of resistance
  • Focus on the best preventive treatments to help save time and resources compared to curative treatments
  • Prepare turf for periods of heavy stress to help maintain aesthetics and playability

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A survey of golf course superintendents who use Syngenta agronomic programs found that*:

  • 95% of customers believe a Syngenta agronomic program helps mitigate resistance
  • 97% of respondents said the agronomic programs are useful
  • 98% of respondents found the application timing recommendations to be useful
  • 97% found the application rates to be useful

Agronomic Program Posters

Syngenta offers free posters of the agronomic program(s) of your choice for greens and fairways, which include complete product application and rate recommendations, along with application tips specific to your region and turf type.

Display it in your office, break room, maintenance shop or anywhere else it will be useful to easily reference a complete product rotation schedule tailored to your needs. By preparing and strengthening turf quality in advance of seasonal stress, turf can recover quicker, enhancing aesthetics and playability.

*2021 Survey of golf course superintendents who ordered a 2020-2021 agronomic program poster (n=167).

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