Bluegrass billbugs coming soon

While temperatures remain cool, bluegrass billbugs (Spehnophorus parvaulus) will become active soon.  The adults overwinter in the thatch, worm holes and in cracks and crevices in the soil. As surface soil temperatures rise above 65 F the adults become active. The adult billbug weevil is black in color with a characteristic snout. These adults are often found crossing sidewalks or driveways looking for Kentucky bluegrass to feed on. The adult female feeds briefly then deposits her eggs into the sheath of the plant. Bluegrass billbug is commonly found in the northern United States and to a lesser extent as you move further south. Control of the adult bluegrass billbug is not normally recommended at this time. However, if the adult is observed over the next several weeks, the likelihood of grub damage from the egg laying is great. 

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