Improve turfgrass management with a new pest library and other digital tools

Syngenta is committed to providing resources to help superintendents stay on top of the demands of turfgrass management. That’s why we’ve developed the following digital tools to give you an edge in the field.

Everything you need for pest control in one place

Finding the right solution for tough turf diseases and pests can be a challenge. That’s why Syngenta created the new GreenCast® Pest Solutions Library, where you can easily search for the solutions you need. Simply type in the disease, weed or pest you want to treat, and the Pest Solutions Library will provide you with:
  • Articles
  • Webinars
  • Solutions sheets
  • Agronomic programs
  • And more!

View this convenient database or join the conversation on Twitter with #TurfPestSolutions.

Turfgrass management in the palm of your hand

The enhanced GreenCast Turf App uses cloud-based functionality so you can access records on multiple devices and share information across teams. You’ll also have access to the following features:

  • Tank-mixing calculator
  • Application recordkeeping
  • Product and label information
  • Product search by disease or insect
  • Agronomic program search
  • Disease ID guide
  • Support contacts
  • English and Spanish language settings

Download the GreenCast Turf App on the App Store for Apple® or Google Play Store, or text "TurfApp" to 20103.

An easy way to identify turf pests

Diagnosing and managing diseases can be challenging. To help superintendents better identify, target and control key diseases in golf course turf, Syngenta launched its free turfgrass disease identification guide.

This digital tool provides in-depth information about more than 25 key turf diseases including dollar spot, fairy ring, spring dead spot, Pythium diseases and more. The guide contains easy-to-use filters, including turf type and geography, to help users quickly find disease information.  

To help with proper identification, the guide provides images along with details like:

  • Causal agents
  • Symptoms
  • Conditions favoring disease development
  • Traditionally susceptible geographies

Photo identification cannot replace sending a turf sample to a diagnostic lab, and correct identification is only the first step in effective disease management. The guide also provides management tips and recommended control products to help superintendents take the next steps toward improved turf quality.

Take-all patch is one of 28 diseases included in the guide. Photo source: Pete Dernoeden, Ph.D.

Visit the guide or access it via the GreenCast Turf App.

Be informed: get alerts

As part of our commitment to simplifying turfgrass management, Syngenta also offers a variety of digital agronomic tools that alert superintendents when pest development conditions hit target thresholds in their area, including:

Sign up for these alerts to get started.

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