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Let fire ants do the hard work for you

By Lane Tredway, technical services manager, Syngenta

As golf rounds ramp up this summer, rain and warming soil temperatures can produce outbreaks of red imported fire ants. Nothing can ruin a round of golf faster than stepping in a fire ant mound!

Mound treatments with contact insecticides are labor-intensive, do not always kill the colony and only control visible mounds. More mounds can pop up over time and require even more of a labor investment. Why not put fire ants to work for you to provide more effective, long-term control?

Advion® fire ant bait can help make that happen. It is formulated with a highly attractive bait matrix to take advantage of fire ants’ aggressive, efficient foraging behavior. Worker ants do the work to carry the bait particles into the mound and contaminate the colony’s entire food source, helping ensure rapid, complete control. Its active ingredient, indoxacarb, must be consumed and bio-activated by the ants’ internal enzymes to provide control, so it does not trigger an alarm response that can result in colony relocation, which can happen with other products.

The result is rapid, effective and long-term fire ant control with minimal labor input, allowing you to focus on other areas of your course. See how Advion fire ant bait provides total colony control, faster than other fire ant baits on the market, in the following comparison video.


For guaranteed season-long control of fire ants, make at least two applications of Advion fire ant bait with a broadcast spreader at 1.5 lbs./A when populations are foraging. One application should be made in the spring between April and May, and the second application should be made between September and October. View the 2019 Advion Fire Ant Bait Guarantee Program for more information about application timing.

For severe infestations, Advion fire ant bait can also be used as an individual mound treatment by scattering 4 tbsp. of product around the outer periphery of each mound. Following up with a broadcast application will help control colonies that aren’t yet visible, and help provide long-lasting fire ant control.

For more information about fire ant solutions from Syngenta, contact your local Syngenta territory manager.

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