Patiently cultivating impatiens

Impatiens downy mildew (IDM) is one of the most notorious diseases to affect ornamental greenhouse productions. However, with recent fungicide innovations, there are more solutions available to combat help this devastating disease before it spreads.
Untreated impatiens with downy mildew
Impatiens treated with Segovis® 1.2 fl. oz. drench

Fungicide Rotations
When it comes to fungicide treatments, there are many innovative tools available to help you successfully produce impatiens. Implementing a rotation program featuring products with different modes of action is critical for resistance management so the effectiveness of plant protection chemistries can be preserved.

Following a program that utilizes a "systemic sandwich" approach is recommended for growing impatiens. Systemic fungicides are applied as a drench at transplant, or at the beginning of production, and prior to shipping, while other fungicides with contact or translaminar activity may be applied as sprays in between for resistance management and to assist in controlling other disease problems as needed.

Segovis® fungicide has a unique mode of action and can be applied as a drench for long-lasting control of IDM. This product is ideal for rotation programs as its active ingredient in FRAC Group 49 can help diversify treatments. Segovis is positioned as the final treatment prior to shipping as it offers extended residual activity.

Having a plan when growing impatiens for spring sales is crucial for a successful crop. New innovations in plant protection products provide the tools you need to successfully produce impatiens in the greenhouse with season-long performance in the garden.

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