Controlling Weeds in Every Operation

Weed management in ornamental nurseries is essential for maximizing plant production. Weeds compete with plants for valuable resources and nutrients, while also indirectly affecting plants by acting as hosts for diseases and insects.

Weeds growing in a nursery pot.

Barricade® brand herbicides, Pennant Magnum®, Fusilade® II and Princep® Liquid herbicides offer growers long-lasting control of many weeds to help keep operations clean.

Barricade pre-emergent herbicide

Barricade brand herbicide is a pre-emergent herbicide that provides a barrier of protection, preventing weed emergence for up to eight months, depending on the rate of application and environmental factors. Barricade controls more than 30 weeds, including crabgrass, spurge and chickweed. It works by preventing the growth and development of newly germinated weeds.

Key Features

  • One application can control grass and broadleaf weeds before they emerge all season long
  • Can be applied as a broadcast spray to ornamentals grown in the field, landscape beds or containers
  • Tank-mixes well with other herbicides found on the label for a broader spectrum of control
  • Available in two formulations: Barricade 4FL and Barricade 65 WG

Pennant Magnum herbicide

Pennant Magnum provides selective pre-emergent control of grass, dicot weeds and yellow nutsedge. It is not a seedling root growth inhibitor herbicide, so it is safe on shallow-rooted ornamental plants and newly planted liners.

Key Features

  • Over-the-top applications can be made to many woody and perennial crops
  • Non-rooting pruning, pre-emergent weed control
  • Non-straining, compatible tank-mix partner with Barricade and many other herbicides

Princep Liquid herbicide

Princep Liquid is a pre-emergent herbicide that controls a wide variety of annual broadleaf and grass weeds including crabgrass, pigweeds, chickweed and groundsel in outdoor nurseries, field production and landscape plantings. Its liquid formulation allows it to be quickly and efficiently mixed.

Key Features

  • Enters through the root to inhibit weed growth
  • Unique mode of action for herbicide resistance management
  • Works effectively to protect ornamentals in multiple use sites
  • Easily handled and mixed with Pennant Magnum to control additional weeds

Fusilade II herbicide

Fusilade II is a selective, post-emergent herbicide that controls a variety of perennial and annual grass weeds. Extremely fast and effective, it can be applied over the top or as a direct spray and moves quickly to the growing points of grass plants after treatment.

Key Features

  • Selective grass control that is rainfast one hour after application
  • Growth of treated grass stops soon after application
  • Eliminates time and expense associated with hand weeding when applied over the top

In addition to pre- and post-emergent herbicides, growers should still exercise cultural practices such as hand weeding and cultivation to achieve a successful weed management program.

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