More Plant-Health Benefits with Mural

Mural® fungicide is a trusted solution for controlling a wide range of ornamental diseases. While you may incorporate Mural in your program for excellent disease management, it is also a powerful tool to enhance your crops’ plant health, enhancing root growth at propagation, improving water-retention and more.

Enhanced Root Growth

Root Growth
  • Mural 2 oz. (Drench)
  • Orkestra® Intrinsic® fungicide 10 fl. oz. (Drench)
2017 – Syngenta photo.

How does Mural achieve these effects? It is powered by two active ingredients – SOLATENOL® technology, an advanced generation SDHI (succinate dehydrogenase inhibitor), and azoxystrobin, a systemic, broad-spectrum fungicide. Azoxystrobin, in the strobilurin class of chemistry, affects physiological processes within plants, resulting in observable plant-health benefits including:

  • Lower rates of transpiration, which helps plants retain water
  • Reduced ethylene production, so leaves stay greener longer for more efficient photosynthesis
  • More efficient photosynthesis leads to increased production of carbohydrates to help improve growth and vigor
  • Increased nitrate reductase levels make nitrates from the soil and fertilizers more readily available for protein production

Strong disease control and plant-health benefits can be obtained with Mural at the lower rate ranges.

Mural may be applied as a foliar spray or drench at the following rates:

  • Foliar or directed spray
    • 4-7 oz./100 gal. Reapply at 7–21-day intervals as needed.
  • Drench
    • 2-3 oz./100 gal. Reapply at 7–21-day intervals as needed.

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