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Welcome to the WeevilTrak℠ blog, offering you updates about annual bluegrass weevil (ABW) from industry leading researchers. This blog will provide you with timely ABW activity across the north east as well as advice on scouting and controlling them using the Optimum Control Strategy.

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Is spring finally here?

Many of us cannot remember a spring this cold in the Mid-Atlantic region. Many golf courses have not even sprayed a fungicide yet, and typically by this point they have already made at least one, sometimes two, applications. But, in my travels to northern Virginia and throughout most of Maryland and the eastern shore during the past week, it looks like annual bluegrass weevil (ABW) adults will peak sometime between April 27 and May 10.

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Season opener

We are nearing the end of April and are currently running about 100 growing degree days (GDD) behind where we were in 2017 in central and western Pennsylvania and northeast Ohio. All three sites were past the time for Stage 1 (apply an adulticide) in mid-April 2017. This year, we have been hanging on to the Forsythia full bloom stage (start of adult migration) for well over 10 days.

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A Very Slow Start for ABW in Southern New England

The annual bluegrass weevil (ABW) season is off to a very slow start in southern New England. We are monitoring five sites for the Syngenta WeevilTrak program, and most of those sites had only accumulated 10 degree days or less as of April 22. That makes it the coolest spring we have tracked since we began the program in 2009.

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They’ve Finally Arrived

Been a long time coming, but annual bluegrass weevil (ABW) season is officially here. Because we are monitoring in completely different regions of western North Carolina and adult weevil timing differs so significantly between sites, the format for WeevilTrak in North Carolina is going to be different than in previous years.

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The weevils are marching in, in spurts

In my last blog in March, I speculated about the effect of the two-week spell of very cold weather around the New Year on annual bluegrass weevil (ABW) populations. I was not going to bet on it affecting the weevils significantly, and, sure enough, they seem to be finally coming out in good numbers at my two sites. But the generally cool weather, not surprisingly, is holding them hostage only to release them in spurts whenever there is a period of warm weather.

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Let’s go already

The Turfgrass Entomology Laboratory at Penn State is looking forward to another WeevilTrak season…..whenever that may be. The recent snowfall generated in the latest Nor’easter has pushed back the predicted start to the season. We are trying to use the time to prepare for the most intense portion of our field season (April – June), but like many of you, we are also anxious to get moving.

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A Tale of Two Seasons

Another season approaching, another Nor’easter in the forecast! This seems to have been the trend the past few weeks here in the mid-Atlantic and north through New England. It’s even somewhat of a parallel to the “Spring” of 2017. Lately it seems like we just start to get in a rhythm, and we need to put everything on hold to shovel more snow!

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March off to a slow, cool start again

The March of 2018 has been a lot like the March of 2017. Snowfall, cold nights and cool days have marked the weather in the Mid-Atlantic region. Following these weather patterns, I receive a lot of questions at meetings about “how will that weather stretch will impact annual bluegrass weevils”. The one I like most is “Hey Steve, do you think that really cold weather killed all of the ABW adults at my course?” Unfortunately, it will not. This insect pest survives colder winters than that annually in regions north of the Mid-Atlantic.

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Weevils on their way to New England soon

Many golf course superintendents in coastal New England have three feet of snow on the ground – or more! And there are rumors of yet another storm heading our way next week. But believe it or not, spring IS coming and that means that annual bluegrass weevils will be on the move relatively soon.

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When will the weevil come marching? Will they be 1 by 1 or 10 by 10?

Another WeevilTrak season is ahead of us. I’ll be again keeping track of annual bluegrass weevil (ABW) at Pine Brook Golf Course in Manalapan, New Jersey, and Preakness Hills Country Club in Wayne, New Jersey. Just like in 2017, we had a couple of warm days around Feb. 28 and March 1—not as warm as last year, but enough to get one growing degree day (GDD) on-record in Pine Brook.

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