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Ference Insecticide


Ference® insecticide raises the bar on season-long control of annual bluegrass weevil (ABW) with the active ingredient, cyantraniliprole. Since Ference systemically controls all larval stages of ABW, it provides superintendents greater flexibility of asynchronous ABW populations, which have multiple life stages present at the same time.

In addition to ABW, Ference manages a broad spectrum of insect pests including:

  • billbugs
  • European crane flies
  • white grubs
  • turf caterpillars
  • suppression of chinch bugs

Ference Benefits:

  • Systemic control of all ABW larval stages (first through fifth instar)
  • Stops turf-feeding damage within minutes after ingestion
  • Kills larvae within hours to days depending on insect life stage and species
  • Provides a new resistance management tool and rotation partner to help control pyrethroid-resistant ABW


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