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Product Overview

Barricade 4FL Herbicide - Control Weeds Before They Germinate

Prevent weeds season long with a single application. Barricade® 4FL herbicide controls susceptible weeds by preventing growth and development of newly germinated weeds.  All applications must be made before the targeted weeds germinate; Barricade 4FL will not control weeds after they have already emerged.

  • FOR SUMMER ANNUALS: For annuals such as crabgrass, foxtails, goosegrass and barnyardgrass, a single application can be made as early as January to prevent weeds all season long. Also, late fall applications of Barricade 4FL in cool-season turf grasses after soil temperatures fall below 50°F but before the ground freezes will control crabgrass the next spring.
  • FOR WINTER ANNUALS: For annuals like Poa annua, henbit and chickweed, applications should be made in the summer/fall before these broadleaf weeds germinate. For control of Poa annua, apply Barricade 4FL in August/September to non-overseeded turf before Poa annua seeds germinate.

Barricade 4FL also offers programmable weed control; adjust application rate to dial in the length of weed control you need.  Use higher rates for maximum residual and length of control, use lower rates in shorter growing seasons.  See label for additional details. Length of control also varies by turf species and application time of year.

Barricade 4FL is labeled for a wide range of turf species, use sites and weeds controlled.  It can be used on residential turf, golf courses (except putting greens), sod farms and nurseries.  It is also labeled for container, field grown, and landscape ornamental plantings including christmas tree farms.  More than 30 turf weeds are on the label; controlling summer annuals when applied pre-emergently in the spring and winter annuals when applied in the summer/fall.

Key Features

  • Prevents weeds season long with one application
  • Programmable weed control; application rate controls length of Barricade 4FL residual
  • Labeled for broad range of use sites, turf species and weeds controlled

Key Benefits

  • Long lasting pre-emergence weed control with one application; flexible application timing prior to emergence of weeds.  Applications can be made up to several months before weed germination (see label for specific weeds and turf types)
  • Pay for only the amount of residual control needed; use higher rates for season-long control and lower rates in shorter growing seasons
  • One product which can be used in production ornamentals and/or golf courses (except putting greens) as well as residential turf and landscape ornamentals.  Labeled for more than 30 turf weeds including both summer and winter annuals.  Broad-spectrum control of weeds and labeled for use on most turfgrass species   

Download Supporting Barricade 4FL Documents

2016660201671317317_barricade-acelepryn.jpg PDF
Barricade and Acelepryn for Crabgrass and Grub Control(PDF)

Using Barricade and Acelepryn together offers season-long crabgrass and grub control.

2019412019723204446_barricade_g_th.jpg PDF
Barricade Herbicide Guarantee(PDF)

Barricade Herbicide Application Guarantee Program for crabgrass control for fall and spring

2016182016822222130_pgr-overseeding-sw.jpg PDF
Effective Overseeding Strategies for the Southwest(PDF)

An overview of effective overseeding strategies for the Southwestern US.

2019721201993172039_portfolio-thumbnail.jpg PDF
Golf Portfolio Brochure(PDF)

See how the Syngenta portfolio of products can lead to unrivaled turf quality on golf courses.

201850320181015213516_mostwantedweeds-th.jpg PDF
Most Wanted Weeds Sheet(PDF)

Trust the Syngenta herbicide portfolio to control the most wanted weeds on your hit list.

20196662019723201748_poaannuanonoverseededth.jpg PDF
Poa annua Assurance Program for non-overseeded fairways(PDF)

Protect your bermudagrass & zoysiagrass fairways from Poa annua.

20193072019723201813_poaannuaoverseededth.jpg PDF
Poa annua Assurance Program for overseeded fairways(PDF)

Protect your overseeded fairways from Poa annua.

201913220191122161216_Sportsturf-pp.jpg PDF
Sports Turf Brochure(PDF)

See how the Syngenta portfolio of products can lead to unrivaled turf quality on athletic fields.




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