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Mainspring® GNL insecticide is powered by cyantraniliprole, a novel active ingredient in a unique, non-neonicotinoid chemistry class (IRAC Group 28). A powerful resistance management tool, it is also compatible with many beneficial insects for use in integrated pest management (IPM) strategies.

Proven Protection and Compatibility with Beneficial Insects

Research trials completed at the University of Florida research center in Apopka and the USDA-ARS Lab in Ft. Pierce, FL showed that Mainspring GNL is compatible with the predatory mite, Amblyseius swirskii and provides excellent control of whitefly (Bemisia tabaci – Biotypes B & Q), for more than 8 weeks when applied as a drench.

Compatibility Trial:

  • Treatments were applied to salvia in one gallon pots
  • Salvia plants were infested with 100 whitefly (25/plant) 3X on a weekly interval
  • Predatory mites were also released 3X on a weekly interval using 20 mites/plant; with the first release occurring one week after the first whitefly exposure and prior to Mainspring GNL (12 floz drench)
  • Weekly evaluations were made by sampling 5 leaves per replicate and recording life stages


  • Mainspring GNL and the Mainspring GNL + A. swirskii combination treatment provided excellent control of whitefly lasting for 8 weeks
  • Overlapping stages of A. swirskii eggs and mobiles could be found 4 weeks after the last mite release indicating good compatibility with Mainspring GNL drench treatment

2016 - V. Kumar, G. Kakkar, L. Osborne, UF-Apopka
C. McKenzie, USDA-ARS-USHRL Ft. Pierce

Unique Solution for Whitefly Control

Mainspring GNL is an effective solution for controlling Bemisia tabaci, both Biotypes B and Q. As a drench, it moves through the plant to shield it and stop insects from feeding, providing extended protection (8+ weeks) and saving time and labor on repeat applications. Mainspring GNL can also be applied as a foliar spray on a 14-day interval when spray coverage is not a limiting factor.

Hibiscus plants grown in 4-inch containers
Drench Treatment: 3 fl. oz finished solution
Spray Treatment: Twice on 14-day interval
Spray treatments included the adjuvant Capis® 6floz/100 gal
2016 - Osborne, UFL- Apopka

Untreated hibiscus with whitefly damage (left), 8 floz. drench of Mainspring GNL (right)

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