A special property of Tenacity® herbicide:
You can see it working.

When you apply Tenacity®, you will find it has what we call a "cool" whitening action that actually shows you the herbicide is working — infiltrating the susceptible species' leaves, shoots, and roots, leading to its elimination.

Why does it turn white?

Mesotrione, the active ingredient in Tenacity, works by inhibiting HPPD (p-Hydroxyphenylpyruvate dioxygenase), an essential enzyme in the biosynthesis of carotenoids. Carotenoids protect the pigments in plants responsible for photosynthesis from excess light energy.

Chart of Action

Without carotenoids, light energy destroys the pigment causing new growth to turn white, which disrupts cell membranes, resulting in necrosis and death of susceptible plants.


  1. Tenacity is absorbed by plants through the roots, shoots, and leaves.
  2. It is distributed throughout the plant by both xylem and phloem translocation (systemic).
  3. Foliar symptoms appear in sensitive weeds in five to seven days as bleaching of the new growth, causing the "cool" whitening effect.
  4. Newly germinated weeds absorb Tenacity through the roots and shoots and fail to emerge or die shortly after emergence.
  5. Tolerant turfgrass species quickly metabolize Tenacity and are unaffected.

Closeup of whitening

Tools and resources to let the public know about your course and whitening.

We have created signage and information (see below) you can insert into your course's newsletter to inform the public why your golf course has areas of white turf. This is a great opportunity to let your customers and anyone else who sees your course know that you are using the latest technology for keeping your golf course turf as beautiful as possible.

These free tools also give you and your staff more opportunity to interact and build relationships with customers.

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