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Much More Than Unsurpassed Grub Performance

Acelepryn® insecticide offers season-long control of grubs and turf caterpillars with a single application as well as key pests like adult beetles and foliar-feeding caterpillars on landscape ornamentals.

Product Details

Acelepryn Insecticide

Powered by the active ingredient chlorantraniliprole, Acelepryn insecticide provides excellent, season-long grub control with a single (8–16 fl oz/A) application in April or May. But Acelepryn is more than just outstanding grub control. That same application for grubs will control many key surface feeding pests including several species of caterpillars as well as annual bluegrass weevil (ABW). For ABW, apply 12–20 fl oz/A, which will provide an even broader spectrum of effective control.

Unlike other grub control materials, Acelepryn provides the best results when applied early. The wide application window allows superintendents the flexibility to apply when the timing is right for them.

Active Ingredients:


HRAC/FRAC/IRAC Classification:

Group 28 Insecticide 



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          Features & Benefits

          • Season-long control of every key turf-damaging white grub species
          • Season-long control of caterpillars including black cutworms, sod webworms and fall armyworms
          • Excellent billbug and annual bluegrass weevil control
          • Flexibility to allow rainfall to move the product into the soil or irrigate after application
          • No known adverse effects on beneficial and non-target organisms including earthworms and honeybees


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