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Barricade 4FL
Premier Pre-Emergence Herbicide

Barricade® herbicide protects nursery ornamentals from more than 30 weeds with season-long control at low use rates.

Product Details

Barricade 4FL Herbicide

Barricade® 4FL herbicide controls susceptible weeds by preventing growth and development of newly germinated weeds. Barricade 4FL is labeled to control more than 30 weeds, and is guaranteed to provide long-lasting, preemergent weed control with one application. All applications must be made before the targeted weeds germinate; Barricade 4FL will not control weeds after they have already emerged.

Active Ingredients:


HRAC/FRAC/IRAC Classification:

Group 3 Herbicide



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          Features & Benefits

          • Long-lasting, pre-emergent control of grassy and broadleaf weeds with one application
          • Can be used over the top of certain existing plants and in beds beneath plants
          • Formulated as a flowable and water-dispersible granule, which can be tank-mixed with other herbicides
          • A single application can prevent weeds all season long
          • Controls weeds by preventing growth and development of newly germinated weeds
          • Stays in the top half-inch of the soil, minimizing its effect on rooting


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