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Now you can turn up your control

Briskway® fungicide, the proven cooling DMI and strobilurin combination, provides application flexibility and turf disease control even under high-stress conditions.

Product Details

Briskway Fungicide

Briskway® fungicide combines a cooling DMI (Demethylation Inhibitor) with a proven strobilurin to control over 20 turf diseases. Briskway can be used throughout the season as part of an agronomic program, including during high heat and humidity with no heat restrictions or negative growth regulation.

The enhanced Briskway label delivers:

  • Increased maximum application rate from 0.725 fl. oz./1,000 ft.2 to 1.2 fl. oz./1,000 ft.2

    • Greater efficacy for curative applications

    • Increased application intervals

    • Greater control with no heat restrictions

    • Increased control of diseases including take-all root rot and fairy ring

  • Higher maximum annual rate from 1.47 fl. oz./1,000 ft.2 to 3.6 fl. oz./1,000 ft.2

    • Greater flexibility throughout the season

  • Increased number of annual applications from three to seven

Important notes:

  • Always read and follow the directions for use and other instructions on the label of each container.

  • The US EPA approved an amended label for Briskway fungicide on February 5, 2020. This amended label is currently not registered for sale or use in CA. The previous Briskway label is still valid for use in CA.

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Active Ingredients:

Azoxystrobin, Difenoconazole

HRAC/FRAC/IRAC Classification:

Group 11, 3 Fungicide



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          Features & Benefits

          • Provides the flexibility to be used as a preventative or curative treatment with no PGR effects, phytotoxicity, thinning or unwanted turfgrass regulation
          • Protects turf during high-stress times with no heat restrictions
          • Can be used as a core component of an agronomic program to control more than 20 diseases including take-all-root-rot, dollar spot, anthracnose and fairy ring
          • Difenoconazole provides rapid uptake and excellent rainfastness
          • Azoxystrobin is taken up by roots and moves easily into the stem and leaf
          • Azoxystrobin enhances root development and CO2 assimilation

          Multipak Available

          Briskway and Velista® fungicides serve as the foundational components of the new Syngenta Fairy Ring Assurance Program. The products also deliver excellent control of summer stress diseases on greens.
          Briskway + Velista Multipak
          Briskway + Velista Multipak
          1 - 1 gal Briskway fungicide
          6 – 22 oz Velista fungicide

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