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Broadest Spectrum SDHI Fungicide in the Golf Market

Managing disease won't be so puzzling with Velista® fungicide- the SDHI that controls the broadest spectrum of diseases including anthracnose, spring dead spot and fairy ring.

Product Details

Velista Fungicide

Velista® fungicide is the broadest spectrum SDHI in the golf market. Spring and fall are ideal seasons to clean up greens, tees and fairways. In addition to controlling anthracnose, Velista also protects against dollar spot, brown patch and more. When used in rotation with Briskway® fungicide, Velista delivers excellent control of summer stress diseases on greens when temperatures shift from warm to hot.

A FIFRA Section 2(ee) recommendation* for Velista was granted for control of these extra diseases:

 •  Summer Patch
 •  Brown Ring Patch
 •  Spring Dead Spot
 •  Fairy Ring
 •  Leaf and Sheath Spot
 •  Rapid Blight

Active Ingredients:


HRAC/FRAC/IRAC Classification:

Group 7 Fungicide 



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          Features & Benefits

          • Broadest spectrum SDHI in the golf market
          • Controls 14 key turf diseases, including resistant strains of dollar spot and anthracnose
          • Penthiopyrad exhibits translaminar and xylem systemic movement on treated turf
          • The water-dispersible granular (WDG) formulation allows for easy mixing and application
          • Provides disease control for 14-21 days
          • Outstanding control for spring and fall clean-up
          • Excellent control of summer stress diseases
          • Low-use rates and mixes well with Daconil® Action™, Secure® or Heritage® fungicides for extended control of disease
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          Multipaks Available

          Briskway + Velista Multipak
          Briskway® + Velista Multipak
          1 - 1 gal Briskway fungicide
          6 – 22 oz Velista fungicide
          Heritage Action + Velista Multipak
          Heritage® Action™ + Velista Multipak
          3 - 1 lb Heritage Action fungicide
          3 - 22 oz Velista fungicide

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