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Mature weeds have met their match with Manuscript® herbicide

Control mature, grassy weeds in certain warm-season grasses on golf courses, residential and commercial lawns, sod farms and sports turf.

Product Details

Manuscript Herbicide

Manuscript herbicide is a highly active herbicide that controls mature, grassy weeds in certain warm-season grasses on golf courses, residential and commercial lawns, sod farms and sports turf. With Manuscript, you can get application flexibility you need to treat mature weeds. It can be used in the heat of summer when desired turfgrass is actively growing and will fill in rapidly. Manuscript is formulated with a built-in, proprietary safener to enhance performance and turf safety.

Active Ingredients:


HRAC/FRAC/IRAC Classification:

Group 1 Herbicide 



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          Features & Benefits

          Consistent Control on Mature, Grassy Weeds
          Selective herbicide with an advanced form of ACCase mode of action that works fast on tough mixed grasses regardless of growth stage, including very mature weeds
          Outstanding Turf Safety
          Includes a built-in safener (cloquintocet-mexyl) that speeds metabolism of pinoxaden in desirable turf and improves weed control performance:
          • Enables spot treatments
          • Further improves selectivity against tough, actively growing weeds without temperature restrictions
          • Additionally, the MOA allows applications near ornamental beds and shrubs
          Unique Chemistry Class
          With a novel class of chemistry for turf (phenylpyrazolin - DEN, Group 1), pinoxaden is rapidly absorbed and translocated to the growing points of weed foliage, where its powerful phenylpyrazolin inhibitor halts ACCase enzyme activity on tough grassy weeds for improved safety and resistance management
          Quicker Recovery
          Desirable turf quickly fills in voids left behind after weeds are controlled, especially in the summer when warm-season turf is actively growing
          Labor Savings
          Reduced hand-weeding means greater labor savings


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