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Secure Action
When you can protect your fairways like your greens, you'll get rave reviews

Secure® Action™ fungicide includes a boost of acibenzolar-S-methyl (ASM), to better prevent and quickly recover from biotic and abiotic stress.

Product Details

Secure Action Fungicide

Golf's leading fungicide, Secure®, is now even better. Secure Action fungicide includes a boost of acibenzolar-S-methyl (ASM), to better prevent and quickly recover from biotic and abiotic stress. With an enhanced formulation of a trusted multi-site contact fungicide, Secure Action offers improved dollar spot control and brings the ASM defense to fairways and greens, providing inside out turf protection for your entire course.

Active Ingredients:

Acibenzolar-S-methyl, Fluazinam

HRAC/FRAC/IRAC Classification:

Group 29, P1 Fungicide



Label Details

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          Features & Benefits

          Increased Disease Control
          • ASM boosts turf's natural defenses against disease
          • Increases dollar spot control interval up to 21 days
          • Adds suppression of bacterial wilt to the label for effective control of more than 10 key diseases
          Ultimate Resistance Management
          Inside-Out Protection
          • Contact and systemic modes of action
          • Attacks pathogens at multiple sites versus a single site, resulting in a very low risk of resistance development
          • Often controls dollar spot strains found to be resistant to other chemistries
          • Excellent rotation partner with Daconil® Action™ and Posterity® fungicides
          Quicker Recovery & Enhanced Turf Quality
          • Improved disease, drought and heat tolerance means more consistent turf quality and quicker recovery from symptoms of stress
          Enhanced Drought Tolerance
          Reduced Wilting
          Increased Heat Tolerance
          • ASM helps the plant regulate its stomata to control water vapor release and reduce uncontrolled water loss
          • Better water management improves heat tolerance and avoids wilting
          • Stimulates production of natural proteins to protect cells from damaging heat
          • Enhances the production of enzymes used for photosynthesis


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