Broaden your business with an effective mosquito control program

Tim Husen, Ph.D., BCE, PHE – Technical Services Manager for Syngenta

As the Memorial Day holiday and warmer weather approach, we thought you may be interested in a program from our Professional Pest Management portfolio to help you with mosquito control this season. With the SecureChoiceSM Mosquito Assurance Program from Syngenta, growing your business through mosquito control services is easier than ever.

With the recent consideration of mosquito-borne diseases, Syngenta understands the necessity to enhance mosquito services. The SecureChoice Mosquito Assurance Program is a proven, effective solution, giving lawn care operators (LCOs) and pest management professionals (PMPs) a competitive advantage for controlling mosquitoes as an add-on service for your residential accounts.

The SecureChoice Mosquito Assurance Program provides guaranteed control of mosquitoes for up to 60 days. This offers LCOs and PMPs a program option to incorporate into their general lawn care services.

The program includes the powerful combination of Demand® CS insecticide and Archer® insect growth regulator as part of its commitment to providing control of mosquito populations. Demand CS, formulated with iCAP technology™, features microcaps of multiple sizes that provide immediate and residual control of mosquitoes. To complement Demand CS, Archer interrupts the reproduction cycle of mosquitoes, causing them to lay non-viable eggs or prevent larvae from developing into adults.

Educate homeowners about Demand CS and the SecureChoice Mosquito Assurance Program with a free Mosquito Protection Brochure. Order now!

LCOs can participate in the program by making purchases of Demand CS and Archer and applying treatments of these products according to the treatment protocol. If a homeowner requests a retreatment at any point during the 60-day treatment cycle, Syngenta will supply the appropriate amount of Demand CS and Archer to cover the retreatment. Additionally, there is also an option for an assured 30 days of control for those only using Demand CS. For complete terms and conditions, download the SecureChoice Mosquito Assurance Program sheet.

If you are ready to participate in the SecureChoice Mosquito Assurance Program, find a Syngenta Professional Pest Management distributor in your area and begin purchasing Demand CS and Archer.

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