Choose a versatile, effective weed control solution for bermudagrass and zoysiagrass lawns

By Lane Tredway, Ph.D., technical services manager, Syngenta

During June and July, summer annual and perennial weeds grow larger and more objectionable, often requiring post-emergent herbicide applications during this time. Manuscript®, Monument® 75WG, and Recognition® herbicides are powerful options for lawn care operators managing bermudagrass and zoysiagrass landscapes.

Manuscript controls tropical signalgrass, crabgrasses, dallisgrass and other labeled weeds in bermudagrass, zoysiagrass and centipedegrass. It has a unique turf safety profile and control spectrum thanks to its phenylpyrazolin chemistry, and it includes a safener, cloquintocet-mexyl, to further enhance turf safety. Manuscript is packaged with Adigor™ surfactant, which was specifically designed to maximize Manuscript absorption and translocation in target weeds.

For best results, Manuscript should be applied:

  • With two spot treatment applications (9.6 fl. oz./10,000 ft.2) on a 14- to 21-day interval
  • In 40-80 gal. water/A with 0.5% v/v of Adigor or an MSO surfactant

Target weeds should be actively growing, and not under stress from drought or other factors, to maximize absorption and translocation of the active ingredient.

Manuscript was applied to smooth crabgrass in Patriot bermudagrass at 9.6 fl. oz./10,000 ft.2 and mixed with Adigor at 0.5% v/v. Drive® XLR8 herbicide was applied at 64 fl. oz./A and mixed with methylated seed oil (MSO) at 0.5% v/v. Two- to three-tiller treatments were applied on June 26 and July 20, 2018. Five- to seven-tiller treatments were applied on July 5 and July 20, 2018. Source: Shawn Askew, Virginia Tech, 2018.

Monument 75WG is the standard for post-emergent control of major sedge species, including purple nutsedge, yellow nutsedge and green kyllinga. It also controls more than 30 grass and broadleaf weeds including clovers, spurges, Virginia buttonweed and most cool-season grasses.

As an SU herbicide, Monument 75WG inhibits new root and shoot growth in sensitive weeds, resulting in plant death after 14-21 days. The active ingredient is effectively translocated to the growing point and other below-ground structures to provide more effective control of tough perennial weeds compared to other SU herbicides.

With excellent turf safety to bermudagrass and zoysiagrass turf, Monument 75WG:

  • Can be applied as a broadcast or spot treatment at rates of 0.35 to 0.53 oz./A
  • Can be tank mixed with dicamba, fluroxypyr or other broadleaf weed herbicides to broaden weed control spectrum without reducing weed control
Source: North Carolina State University, 2001.
Recognition is the latest herbicide from Syngenta and can be used in certain warm-season grasses, including bermudagrass and zoysiagrass lawns. It’s powered by the active ingredient trifloxysulfuron, a sulfonylurea herbicide that controls sedge and kyllinga species in addition to many broadleaf and grass weeds.

It also contains a proprietary safener called metcamifen, which enhances the tolerance of labeled turf species and enables unique tank mixtures to control a broader spectrum of weeds.

For excellent results, Reconition:
  • Should be applied at a rate of 1.29-1.95 oz./A
  • Can be tank mixed for faster, broader-spectrum control of weeds in St. Augustinegrass
Yellow nutsedge and globe sedge control in Scotts ProVista St. Augustinegrass
Source: Dr. Pawel Petelewicz, University of Florida, 2021. Treatments applied to Scotts® ProVista™ St. Augustinegrass on July 1 and Aug. 13, 2021. Recognition and Celsius XTRA mixed with INDUCE® non-ionic surfactant at 0.25% v/v. Data collected on Sept. 24, 2021.
A program approach to weed control

After controlling grassy weeds with a product like Manuscript, broadleaf weeds and sedges often proliferate. For a broader spectrum of weed control, Manuscript can be tank mixed with Monument 75WG or dicamba herbicides. Do not mix Manuscript with products containing 2,4-D as they are likely to reduce control of target grasses.

Manuscript causes little-to-no injury or growth regulation to bermudagrass or zoysiagrass when applied at broadcast or spot treatment rates. 

For more information about warm-season weed control, download this lawn care brochure or contact your local Syngenta territory manager.

Always consult the product label for complete use and application information.

Trials reflect treatment rates and mixing partners commonly recommended in the marketplace.

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