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Strong Arm Leaf-feeding Insects

Acelepryn® insecticide offers long-lasting control of key leaf-feeding pests in greenhouses and nurseries, including:

  • Japanese beetles
  • Leaf-feeding caterpillars, including eastern tent caterpillars, fall webworm and bagworms
  • Sawfly larvae
  • Hemlock wooly adelgids
  • Clearwing moths
  • Lace bugs
  • Aphids
  • Birch leafminers
Acelepryn works primarily through ingestion. Insects will stop feeding shortly after, which minimizes injury to the plant and reduces pest populations.

A flexible product

Acelepryn can be applied to protect crops in a variety of ways. As a foliar spray, Acelepryn provides up to four weeks of control on lepidopteran pests. When applied as a drench or soil treatment, the product moves upward into the canopy providing longer residual control. In addition, Acelepryn can also be applied as a bark treatment to protect from pests like clearwing borers. This long-lasting, effective control can lead to time savings and labor efficiencies.

Control of Japanese Beetle on Stewartia

Acelepryn can be applied to a wide range of crops, including ornamental plants, woody ornamental plants and trees, shrubs, evergreens and conifers.

Features and benefits 

Control of Japanese Beetle on Stewartia
2015- Gill, University of Maryland
Acelepryn is powered by the novel active ingredient chlorantraniliprole in IRAC group 28 and offers an alternative for newer chemistries. To reduce work disruptions, Acelepryn features a four-hour REI (restricted-entry interval) with no signal word and requires minimal personal protective equipment.

There are also no known adverse effects on beneficial and non-target organisms, like bees and biological control agents.

Take action now and learn how to strong arm leaf-feeding pests. Visit GreenCastOnline.com/AceleprynInsecticide to learn more.

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