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Fighting Fusarium

Mums are a key product for many greenhouse and nursery growers, but they are often susceptible to Fusarium. The disease often gets into production during the beginning stages and can cause root damage, but it is most harmful toward the crown of the plant. 

Scouting for Symptoms​​​​​​​

Symptoms of infections often show in late summer, but infections begin much earlier, so it is important to have crops protected throughout the season. Fusarium wilt occurs more frequently when plants are stressed, so it is important to scout for symptoms weekly and pay close attention to the proper growing practices and environmental conditions. 
These are some symptoms to be on the lookout for:
  • One-sided wilt
  • Light colored foliage 
  • Wilting from the bottom up 
  • Dark grey stem at soil line 
  • Crown rot 
  • Root discoloration 

Avoiding Favorable Conditions and Treatment 

Chrysanthemums are quite resilient; however, outdoor production during the summer months can be stressful. Some favorable Fusarium conditions to be aware of are:
  • High temperatures
  • Direct sun on the container 
  • Over-saturated soil 

Fusarium moves through contaminated soil, by workers or by plants that have been brought in from an infected area. Some keys to a successful mum crop are: 
  • Starting with a healthy root system
  • A level field with good drainage
  • Not irrigating late in the day to avoid the plants being wet overnight 
  • Using benches when possible to keep plants off the ground when saturated 

Fusarium Solutions

Combatting active Fusarium infections requires rigorous treatment with the right products. To treat Fusarium, it is best to use a combination of products in FRAC Groups 3, 7 and 11, like Mural® fungicide (7+11). It can be used as a drench or a spray during any stage of production for effective Fusarium control. 

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