Disease Control with the Right Fungicide Rotation

Growing ornamental crops is no easy task. Variable growing conditions such as the presence of water on leaves, high humidity levels and temperature changes can lead to rapid disease development. Without careful preparation, crop health can be threatened at any stage in your operation.

Rust on daylily
Nancy Rechcigl, Syngenta photo. 2018

Our comprehensive fungicide portfolio makes it easier to strengthen your disease management program. Our 14 fungicide products are powered by modes of action in 10 different FRAC Groups and can be rotated to help prevent disease resistance and provide comprehensive control.

Find your Fungicide Fit

Choosing the right fungicide rotation can depend on many different factors including the targeted disease and whether your production site is a greenhouse or nursery.

Rotate the recommended fungicides from our portfolio to target the following diseases including:

Know Your Fungicides

Every operation is at risk of developing diseases. Establishing an agronomic program will provide guidance for rotating products in our portfolio to leverage the strengths and modes of action to provide maximum benefit when needed most. Explore our available agronomic programs to learn about all of our available fungicides and see how to incorporate them into a comprehensive disease control program tailored to your operation.

Learn more about our full portfolio at GreenCastOnline.com/FungicideGuide.

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