Get grub control your way with Acelepryn Xtra

By Matt Giese, M.S., technical services manager for Syngenta 

Scheduling grub control treatments for a golf course can be demanding. Traditionally, the key to white grub control was to apply midsummer, and then it changed to early spring applications. With new Acelepryn® Xtra insecticide from Syngenta, superintendents can make their own flexible treatment schedule to achieve season-long control with just one application

If May works – great! Can’t get to it until July? No problem. Acelepryn Xtra has the widest application window and the longest residual control for white grubs in the industry. It also provides excellent turf caterpillar and billbug control, offering a broad spectrum for anything else that crawls along. Congrats! You’ve just earned an “Xtra” day off.  

A wider spectrum of insect control  

Acelepryn Xtra is a combination of Acelepryn and Meridian® insecticides, so it’s powered by two active ingredients and modes of action to deliver long-lasting, broad-spectrum insect control. Combining IRAC group 28and IRAC group 4A also makes Acelepryn Xtra a great resistance management tool since it offers an alternate mode of action to pyrethroid chemistries. 

With this combination product, superintendents can enjoy: 

  • Season-long control of grubs, billbugs and caterpillars with one application 
  • Early curative control of grubs, leading to greater flexibility and fewer applications 
  • Enhanced chinch bug control, including at least three months of southern chinch bug control 
  • European crane fly and ant control with reduced ant mounding 

Using Acelepryn Xtra 

The maximum annual rate of Acelepryn Xtra is 20 fl. oz./A. At the high rate, Acelepryn Xtra delivers the equivalent of 10 fl. oz./A of Acelepryn and 17 oz./A of Meridian 25WG for powerful insect control on golf course turf.  

Enhance your spectrum and level of insect control — and take the guesswork out of insecticide timing — with new Acelepryn Xtra. For more information, visit

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