Apply a Final PGR Drench to Finish the Season Strong

As production of late fall and winter crops such as poinsettias wraps up, ensure your crops stay uniform and compact with a final plant growth regulator (PGR) drench application.

When using a PGR, it’s important to know the typical development of your crop so you can time the application appropriately. This will help you avoid applying too early, which may shut down plant growth, or too late, which results in leggy plants.

When determining the appropriate application rate, be sure to not only read the product label, but understand how your growing location, the plant species and age will impact the application rate. For example, crops grown in cool-to-moderate climates typically require lower application rates than those grown in hot and humid climates.

Hold Plants Steady with Bonzi

Bonzi® plant growth regulator helps ensure compact, beautiful crops by keeping them at their peak for longer. For most crops, it is ideal to apply Bonzi holding drenches three to four weeks before finishing to minimize potential stretch and keep the plants in their desired shape. However, with poinsettias, it is recommended to apply a holding drench in the last two weeks leading up to shipping or when the crop is 1-inch below the desired finished height. Applications can be beneficial during periods of cold, rainy weather or abnormally warm night temperatures as these conditions can cause plants to stretch.

A holding drench of Bonzi provides key benefits such as:

  • Deeper green foliage
  • Brighter flowers
  • Stronger stems
  • Better water-use efficiency
  • Greater heat tolerance
  • Extended shelf life

Growth Control with Bonzi Micro-Drench Treatments on Novia™ Red Poinsettias

Height: 16 inches
Width: 13.6 inches
0.1 ppm drench
Week 1
Height: 14 inches
Width: 12.1 inches
0.1 ppm drench
Week 2
Height: 13.2 inches
Width: 12.4 inches
Rechcigl, 2019

PGRs are an essential resource in ornamental crop production. By incorporating these tools and understanding how to use them effectively, you can take control of your crops’ size, appearance and endurance.

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