Adopt an Agronomic Plan to Prevent Spring Diseases

Spring is a busy season in nurseries and greenhouses. The variety of plant material in production during this time makes monitoring for a wide range of diseases difficult. Ensuring your crops are protected from propagation to shipping is essential, and a proven agronomic program can help set you up for a successful season.

Take a programmatic approach to spring planning

An agronomic program is a comprehensive plan that focuses on preventing common diseases and insects by providing a framework for rotating effective products and modes of action. This ensures you apply the right products at the right time while limiting the risk of developing resistance.

For example, Botrytis, a disease that is particularly problematic in the spring, is best managed preventively and by a rotation of products as it is highly susceptible to fungicide resistance. Follow an agronomic program, such as the Spring Bedding Plants Program from Syngenta, during production and prior to storage and shipping to help protect your crops from Botrytis and other spring diseases to ensure their quality for sale.

Botrytis on gerbera, Syngenta 2016

A successful growing season is the result of careful planning and preparation. Stay ahead of problems with a preventive action plan that includes an agronomic program to help reduce outbreaks and plant injury.

Download a free Syngenta agronomic program here.

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