Golfdom showcases agronomic planning with Hole of the Month series

Syngenta has partnered with Golfdom magazine to showcase the impressive work superintendents do to keep their courses in top playing condition. Each Hole of the Month article highlights how the superintendent overcame challenges on their particular course, and features an image of one of the holes on their course. Check out some of the highlights from this year:

Hole No. 7 – Sunnybrook Golf Club – Even before Superintendent Geoff Stricker was promoted from assistant superintendent in 2014, Sunnybrook Golf Club in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania had a 100-year history that included a relocation in 1956 and renovation in 2007. But in 2013, the course wasn’t looking its best because of consistent dollar spot breakouts. To combat the problem, Stricker and his staff began using Secure® fungicide from Syngenta. “Secure has been the biggest help since it came out,” Stricker says. “We use it in the spring, and it’s usually our last spray in mid- to late September, and we have seen almost no dollar spot in the last three to four years. We actually sprayed it at the beginning of April this year, and didn’t do another fungicide application until the end of May.” And to keep the renovated greens healthy, the staff at Sunnybrook applies combination packs of Daconil Action and Heritage Action fungicides. Stricker’s greens are doing so well that he can reduce the frequency of syringes on the turf.

Sunnybrook Golf Club

Hole No. 16 - Orange County National Golf Center and Lodge – With more than 100,000 rounds of golf played at the Orange County National Golf Center and Lodge annually, wear patterns have been an issue for Superintendent Jason Morris. To improve recovery, Morris relies on Secure, Daconil Action, Briskway®, Heritage® and Velista® fungicides from Syngenta. Like many courses in Florida, Morris also has nematode pressure. After adding Divanem nematicide to his strategy, the roots on the course’s greens are deeper than ever and the turf is denser than in years past. “The greens are the best I’ve seen them since I’ve been here,” says Morris. “Right now the proof is out there.”


Orange County National Golf Center and Lodge 

Hole No. 9 - Citrus Hills Golf and Country Club - Skyview Golf Course – When Superintendent David Hoggard was hired in 1984 by Citrus Hills Golf and Country Club, the club had only one 18-hole course. Now, almost 34 years later, he oversees the maintenance of 63 holes. When it’s time to protect his greens from insects and pests, he relies on Acelepryn® insecticide from Syngenta. The turf veteran’s favorite part about the product is its endurance. “It’s the best product I’ve seen for longevity. I only have to make one application in the spring and another in the fall for year-round protection,” says Hoggard.


Citrus Hills Golf and Country Club - Skyview Golf Course

Hole No. 18 - Maketewah Country Club – In the nine years since Superintendent Ted White has been at Maketewah Country Club, they have gone through two renovations, and have plans to complete one more phase in the near future. During those renovations, White says that the plant growth regulators Primo Maxx® and Trimmit® 2SC have really helped him keep his course in peak condition when he had to focus on construction. “I’ve been using Primo and Trimmit in combination on my greens and fairways, and they definitely help with the stress,” says White. “That combination gave me more flexibility to take care of odds and ends on the back end of the construction process.”

Maketewah Country Club

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