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Shield Crops From Whitefly And Thrips

Untreated poinsettia leaf with whitefly damage (left), Mainspring GNL 8 fl oz (right)

Whitefly and thrips are two of the most challenging pests in ornamental production. There are multiple species of each, some of which are known to transmit plant viruses. Prevention is critical to controlling these insect pests and stopping their damage before it affects the value and sale of the crop.

Mainspring® GNL insecticide is a powerful tool from the diamide class of chemistry (IRAC 28) that can be used to prevent both whiteflies and thrips from establishing and reaching damaging levels in production. It provides extended protection as a drench through systemic movement into the canopy or as a foliar spray applied on a 14-day interval.

Mainspring GNL quickly paralyzes insects so they stop feeding, which limits disease transmission and unsightly damage to foliage and flowers.

Applying Mainspring GNL as a drench prior to pest build-up can provide over 10 weeks of protection for your ornamental crops.

Download our new whitefly guide here and our new thrips guide here.

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