Maintain Compact and Beautiful Plants with Bonzi

Since crops may be staying in your greenhouses and nurseries longer than usual, a plant growth regulator like Bonzi® can help ensure they stay hardy, beautiful and compact.

Bonzi is the product of choice for growers who want to maintain plant quality and salability. Bonzi keeps plants uniformly compact and strong by reducing internode stretch.

Bonzi Benefits

Bonzi helps maintain the plant-to-pot size ratio and keeps plants looking their best with deeper green foliage, brighter flowers and stronger stems for less breakage during transportation.

Plants treated with Bonzi are able to better tolerate heat stress, resulting in extended and enhanced shelf life, so they remain aesthetically pleasing longer for retail sales.

Bonzi Treatments on Calliope® Dark Red Geranium

2012, Syngenta

Holding Steady

When growth control is needed later in the crop, Bonzi drenches are a very reliable tool. Drenches applied late in production are very effective at slowing or holding growth within the desired range. Drench rates for use late in the production are often 1 to 4 ppm, depending on growing region and crop. Drench volume is very important so read and follow all label recommendations.

Bottom Line

Bonzi is the reliable choice to help keep ornamental plants compact and uniform before shipping. It features a high-quality, consistent formulation that growers know and trust.

For more information on appropriate drench rates so your ornamentals remain beautifully strong for the retail market, download the Bronzi Drench Guide

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