Hold plants steady with a late season PGR drench

In the final weeks leading up to shipping your poinsettia crops, a holding drench of Bonzi® plant growth regulator can help ensure plants stay hardy, beautiful and compact to keep them at their peak longer. For most crops, it is ideal to apply Bonzi holding drenches three to four weeks before finishing to minimize potential stretch and keep the plants in their desired shape. However, with poinsettias, it is recommended to apply a holding drench in the last two weeks leading up to shipping or when the crop is 1-inch below the desired finished height. 

Benefits of Drenching 
  • Drench applications can be beneficial during periods of cold, rainy weather or abnormally warm night temperatures as these conditions can cause plants to stretch. A holding drench of Bonzi provides key benefits such as: 
  • Deeper green foliage
  • Brighter flowers
  • Stronger stems that can better resist breakage during shipping 
  • Better water use efficiency 
  • Greater heat tolerance 
  • Extended shelf life
  • Holding growth within the desired range

Bottom Line

Applying Bonzi during the final stages of poinsettia production can result in toned, darker green and more compact plants on the sales floor. Holding drenches can also reduce post-production water demand and create stronger plants that can better withstand excessive handling or delayed sales.

For more information on appropriate drench rates so your poinsettias remain beautifully strong for the retail market, download the Bonzi Drench Guide

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