Ascernity® fungicide from Syngenta registered for use on turf in California

Ascernity fungicide will help superintendents control anthracnose, large patch, gray leaf spot and more.  

GREENSBORO, N.C., USA, April 26, 2021 – Ascernity® fungicide is proven to deliver long-lasting control of diseases like anthracnose, large patch, gray leaf spot and more in warm- and cool-season turf. Initially launched in the U.S. in July 2020, this innovative solution is now registered for use on golf courses in California.  

“It’s exciting to finally receive the registration of Ascernity in California after several years of testing on turf,” said Dean Mosdell, Ph.D., technical services manager for Syngenta. “Ascernity adds a powerful tool to our disease control programs for cool- and warm-season turf in California.” 

Ascernity combines the advanced SDHI Solatenol® technology (benzovindiflupyr) with difenoconazole, the proven cooling DMI, to bring broad-spectrum disease control into focus.  

Ascernity offers superintendents:  

  • Excellent control of diseases like anthracnose, large patch, summer patch, brown ring patch, gray leaf spot, microdochium patch, dollar spot, and more, plus suppression of rapid blight under a 2(ee) label 
  • Long-lasting control as the cornerstone of the GreenTrust® 365 Large Patch Assurance Program   
  • Turf safety with no heat restrictions even in the summer when disease pressure is high 

For resistance management and broad-spectrum disease control, the Syngenta technical services team has developed agronomic programs that strategically rotate Ascernity with other trusted products. To find recommendations for incorporating Ascernity into an existing agronomic program, visit

“We saw amazing results with Ascernity in our trials in Northern California,” said Jim Baird, Ph.D., turfgrass specialist, University of California, Riverside. “Ascernity was not only combative against anthracnose and rapid blight, but also restored overall turf health. We saw perfect turf in those plots surrounded by disease in the untreated areas.” 

To help superintendents in California and across the country learn about Ascernity, Syngenta is launching the #Time4Ascernity Video Challenge. To qualify, participants must watch two of six videos at from April 26 to May 26, 2021. Each video will feature customers and/or leading industry researchers discussing their experiences using Ascernity to control key turf diseases. Upon completion of an entry form, participants will be entered for a chance to win one of 50 randomly awarded KOOZIE® Kamp hammocks.

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