Check your summer savings with GreenTrust 365

Summer is here, which means you can still take advantage of your GreenTrust® 365 rebate as you battle summer pests on your customers’ lawns.

GreenTrust 365 offers the best savings of the year on trusted lawn and landscape products. Did you lock in your 2022 yearlong rebate during the Early Order Period or earn an additional rebate with the Barricade® herbicide Brand Bonus? If so, it’s time to cash in those savings when you purchase additional products through Sept. 30, 2022.

Log into your GreenCast® account to see your rebate level at

After reviewing your rebate status online, talk to your Syngenta territory manager about our new small pack sizes of market-leading Acelepryn® insecticide or Tenacity® herbicide. In these smaller sizes, you now have the flexibility to order only what you need when you need it. Visit to learn more.

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