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What is Mural Fungicide?

Mural® is a broad-spectrum fungicide for control of foliar, stem and root diseases leveraging the performance and systemic movement of Heritage with the protection of the newest SDHI - Solatenol®.

  • Active ingredients: Azoxystrobin 30% + Solatenol 15%
  • MOA class: (11) Strobilurin/ (7) SDHI
  • REI: 12 hours / Caution Signal Word
  • Use sites: Greenhouse, shade and lath houses, outdoor nursery production, retail nurseries and commercial landscapes
  • Application Rates:
    • Spray: 4-7 oz/100 gal
    • Drench: 2-3 oz/100 gal
  • Applications: Spray (Broadcast, banded, directed), Drench, Chemigation and Aerial
  • Formulation: 45WG
  • Package size: 6 x 1 lb
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