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Acelepryn Insecticide


Acelepryn® insecticide is a critical component of an effective, long-term strategy to control annual bluegrass weevil (ABW). Not only does Acelepryn offer best-in-class control of ABW, it is an important component for resistance management as it offers a novel mode of action for insect control. Acelepryn controls ABW small larvae that feed inside grass stems, while Provaunt® WDG insecticide controls larger or older larvae feeding on the crown of grass plants.

A single application of Acelepryn at 12 fl. oz./A during May provides:

  • Effective ABW larval control
  • Season-long white grub and caterpillar control
  • Lowest water solubility (1.0 PPM) of any registered grub control product
  • Lowest application rate (0.1 lb ai/A) utilized for grub control

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