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Product Overview

The color you want. The control you need.

Appear® II fungicide controls important diseases including Pythium and anthracnose, while enhancing color, turf quality and stress tolerance. Agronomic programs with Appear II excel when tank mixed with Daconil® Action™ or Secure® Action fungicides.1


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Product Benefits

Quicker Recovery Appear II
Quicker Recovery Appear II
Quicker Recovery and Stress Tolerance
  • Improved formulation reduces the amount of UV light that penetrates and harms plant cells
  • Quickly absorbed to help improve a plant’s natural defense system and stimulate quicker recovery from abiotic stress
Resistance Management Appear II
Resistance Management
  • Contains a truly systemic mode of action with no known resistance in turfgrass pathogens
  • Ideal for use with a variety of other fungicides as part of a resistance management strategy in an agronomic program
Spring Green-up
Spring Green-up
  • Fall and winter applications protect turf and accelerate spring green-up
Turf Safety
Turf Safety
  • Protects from extreme heat and UV light
  • Features a pH neutral formulation, which is rapidly absorbed to make the active ingredient readily available to the plant
Inside-out Protection
Inside-out Protection
  • Contains a potassium phosphite active ingredient that is quickly available to the plant and rapidly systemic
  • Double-stacked, inside-out protection is enhanced when Appear II is mixed with Daconil Action or Secure Action
Enhanced Turf Quality
Enhanced Turf Quality
  • Increased pigment load provides deep, natural green color and helps protect turf from abiotic stress
 Increased disease control
Increased disease control
Appear II improves control of the following diseases:
  • Pythium blight
  • Pythium root rot
  • Summer stress
  • Anthracnose
  • Bermudagrass decline and take-all root rot*
  • Bermudagrass leaf spot*
  • Pink snow mold (not under snow cover)*
*Bolded diseases require recommended tank mixes with products like Daconil Action or Secure Action


Product Performance

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Improved Turf Quality Amid Bermudagrass Decline
Summer Bentgrass Decline
Summer Bentgrass Decline
<em>Pythium</em> Blight Severity on Perennial Ryegrass
<em>Pythium</em> Root Rot on Creeping Bentgrass
Program Approach to Managing Bermudagrass Decline
Season-Long Turf Quality of Creeping Bentgrass
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Source: Dr. Maria Tomaso-Peterson, Mississippi State University. Application dates: September 4 and 18, 2018. All rates per 1,000 ft2.
Source: Dr. Brandon Horvath, University of Tennessee. Photos taken August 7, 2018. Applications made on June 12, June 26, July 10, July 23, August 7 and August 20, 2018. All rates per 1,000 ft2.
Source: Dr. Brandon Horvath, University of Tennessee. Photos taken August 7, 2018. Applications made on June 12, June 26, July 10, July 23, August 7 and August 20, 2018. All rates per 1,000 ft2.
Source: Dr. Bruce Clarke, Rutgers University, 2017. Applications made on June 22, July 6, July 20, August 3, August 17 and August 30 on 14-day intervals. All rates per 1,000 ft2.
Source: Dr. Bruce Martin, Clemson University, 2018. Treatments applied on 14 day intervals June – August. Segway was watered in with 0.125” irrigation immediately after application. All rates per 1,000 ft2.
Source: Billy Crow, University of Florida, 2018. Photos taken July 17, 2018. Applications made April – July, 2018 according to labeled use rates on a 14-day interval.
Using Appear II as part of an agronomic program enhances disease control and improves turf quality throughout the season. In this trial, the Appear II program had an average turf rating of 6.54 and the Signature™ XTRA Stressgard® program had an average of 6.06. Source: Dr. Lee Miller, University of Missouri, 2018. Phosphonate comparison study on creeping bentgrass greens. The only program variable was the inclusion of Appear II or Signature XTRA Stressgard. Data indicates turf quality scoring each month to show the progression of overall turf quality during a season-long agronomic program. Applications were made on 14-day intervals.

Researcher Perspectives

“This formulation of Appear II, in conjunction with Secure Action, was absolutely amazing for the disease pressure that we have. I don't say this often when I see plots like this, but this was one of the best looking plots on this particular putting green.”

-Jim Kerns, Ph.D., associate professor and extension specialist, N.C. State University
Raleigh, North Carolina

“Appear II fungicide is fantastic, especially when tank-mixed with Daconil Action or Secure Action. When you add Appear II to Daconil Action or Secure Action, it really improves disease control and turf quality. It had a fantastic, natural green color and maintained turf density throughout the season. It’s a really, really good product, and it showed an overall increase in turf quality compared to standard treatments and showed 99 percent disease control in my trials. If I was a superintendent, I would use Appear II plus Daconil Action every other week. It provides four different modes of action for disease control, so it should be about as broad spectrum as it’s going to get. It’s the best fungicide combination I’ve ever used.”

-Travis Teuton, Ph.D., research director, Southeastern Turfgrass Research Center
Anthony, Florida

“Appear II fungicide lasted longer than comparative products used in the trial. It showed significantly better turf quality and overall plant health. And when tank-mixed with products like Secure Action and Daconil Action, Appear II provided better turf quality than when the products were used alone. Based on my experience with Appear II, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to a customer. I think it’s a good product that will sell itself.”

-William L. Berndt, Ph.D., independent researcher
North Fort Myers, Florida


Appear II vs. Signature Xtra Stressgard: Mixability Study

Secure Action + Appear II: Summer Bentgrass Decline Trial


Appear II vs. Signature Xtra Stressgard: Mixability Study


Secure Action + Appear II: Summer Bentgrass Decline Trial




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Secure Action fungicide includes a boost of acibenzolar-S-methyl to better prevent and quickly recover from biotic stress like dollar spot and bermudagrass leaf spot, as well as abiotic stress like drought and heat while improving overall turf quality.
Daconil Action fungicide provides broad-spectrum control of several key turf diseases. The inclusion of acibenzolar-S-methyl stimulates the plant’s natural defenses for improved recovery against drought and heat as well as enhanced turf quality. Appear II and Daconil Action can be purchased together in a convenient Multipak.


Download Supporting Appear II Documents

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Appear II Fungicide Brochure(PDF)

Learn how Appear II controls important diseases while enhancing color, turf quality and stress tolerance.




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