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Fusilade II Turf and Ornamental Herbicide

Product Overview

Fusilade II Herbicide Broad-Spectrum Grass Control in a Variety of Situations

Fusilade® II herbicide is a selective post emergent turf and ornamental herbicide that controls a long list of both perennial and annual grass weeds in a variety of turf and landscape areas. Extremely fast and effective, Fusilade II can be applied over-the-top or as a directed spray without damaging valuable ornamental plants/shrubs. It can also be used at reduced rates to safely remove bermudagrass from tall fescue and zoysiagrass.

Key Features

  • Application flexibility – Fusilade II can be applied over-the-top in landscaped areas
  • Selective grass control that is rainfast one hour after application
  • Fusilade II moves quickly into the shoots, roots, rhizomes, stolons and growing points of treated grass weeds
  • Effective at low rates to safely remove bermudagrass from tall fescue and zoysiagrass

Key Benefits

  • Fusilade II eliminates the time and expense associated with hand weeding when it is applied over-the-top in landscaped areas.  It can also be applied as a directed spray to minimize any potential phytotoxicity.
  • Safe for use on a wide variety of ornamentals in a variety of turf and landscape situations
  • Fast acting performance = results.  Fusilade II moves quickly to all growing points to stop growth and within a week there is loss of vigor, followed by yellowing and/or reddening, and the eventual death of the grassy weeds without harming ornamental plants.
  • Broad-spectrum control of many annual and perennial grassy weeds



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