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Prevent dollar spot now with new fungicides from Syngenta

Every season of the year is fraught with its own list of diseases that can impact golf course management. Fall in particular can be problematic, especially where dollar spot is concerned. Warm days and cool nights that produce heavy dews are conducive for the development of dollar spot. However, taking steps to prevent fall dollar spot can help turf emerge healthier in the spring.

The key to dollar spot control is to plan preventive fungicide applications prior to a disease outbreak. Secure® Action™ and Posterity® fungicides are great options to help control dollar spot this fall. Secure Action provides the protection of a multi-site contact fungicide while Posterity delivers systemic control

Dollar spot can be controlled with properly scheduled fungicide applications starting after Labor Day. Secure Action applied at 0.5 fl. oz. is labeled for control of dollar spot for up to 21 days, while Posterity at 0.21 fl. oz. can provide excellent control of dollar spot for up to 28 days. Tank-mixing both fungicides will provide broad-spectrum disease control while maximizing fungicide resistance.

In addition to dollar spot control, Secure Action can also provide excellent leaf spot and rust control.

Bruce Clarke, Rutgers University, 2017. Secure Action was reapplied on September 15. All other treatments were reapplied on September 22. Performance evaluations are based solely upon interpretation of public information and field observations. Trial reflects treatment rates commonly recommended in the marketplace

For more information about fall disease control, please contact your local Syngenta territory manager.

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