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Appear II

Appear® II fungicide provides exceptional mixability and a truly natural green color while improving stress tolerance and turf quality. It is a valuable component of any fungicide program and truly excels when mixed with Daconil® Action™ or Secure® Action fungicides.

Product Details

Appear II Fungicide

Appear® II fungicide controls important diseases including Pythium and anthracnose, while enhancing color, turf quality and stress tolerance.

Active Ingredients:

Potassium Phosphite

HRAC/FRAC/IRAC Classification:

Group P07 Fungicide



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          Features & Benefits

          Quicker Recovery and Stress Tolerance
          • Improved formulation reduces the amount of UV light that penetrates and harms plant cells
          • Quickly absorbed to help improve a plant's natural defense system and stimulate quicker recovery from abiotic stress
          Resistance Management
          • Contains a truly systemic mode of action with no known resistance in turfgrass pathogens
          • Ideal for use with a variety of other fungicides as part of a resistance management strategy in an agronomic program
          Spring Green-up
          • Fall and winter applications protect turf and accelerate spring green-up
          Turf Safety
          • Protects from extreme heat and UV light
          • Features a pH neutral formulation, which is rapidly absorbed to make the active ingredient readily available to the plant
          Inside-out Protection
          • Contains a potassium phosphite active ingredient that is quickly available to the plant and rapidly systemic
          • Double-stacked, inside-out protection is enhanced when Appear II is mixed with Daconil Action or Secure Action
          Enhanced Turf Quality
          • Increased pigment load provides deep, natural green color and helps protect turf from abiotic stress
          Increased disease control
          Appear II improves control of the following diseases:
          • Pythium blight
          • Pythium root rot
          • Summer stress
          • Anthracnose
          • Bermudagrass decline and take-all root rot*
          • Bermudagrass leaf spot*
          • Pink snow mold (not under snow cover)*
          *Bolded diseases require recommended tank mixes with products like Daconil Action or Secure Action

          Multipak Available

          Daconil® Action™ and Appear II fungicides can be used together in an agronomic program as the product combination is a leading recommendation for anthracnose, as well as for inside and out disease control, deeper green coloring and improved stress tolerance.
          Daconil Action / Appear II Multipak
          Daconil Action + Appear ll Multipak
          1 - 1.19 gal Daconil Action fungicide
          1 - 2 gal Appear II fungicide

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