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A unique class of multi-site contact fungicide

Secure® fungicide is a next generation multi-site contact fungicide and is the only registered fungicide for turf in FRAC group 29.

Product Details

Secure Fungicide

Secure® fungicide is a multi-site contact fungicide, in a unique chemical class, for golf courses. It contains the active ingredient, fluazinam, and is the only registered fungicide for turf in FRAC group 29. It has no known resistance and as a multi-site contact, it has very low risk of developing resistance.

Secure is the ideal rotation partner with Daconil® Action™ fungicide for season-long protection against the toughest turf diseases with no interruptions. Now, systemic fungicides no longer replace your contact applications, but rather compliment for inside out protection.

Secure not only provides superior protection against dollar spot, but also controls 10 additional turf diseases. It even controls dollar spot that is resistant to other chemistries.

Active Ingredients:


HRAC/FRAC/IRAC Classification:

Group 29 Fungicide



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          Features & Benefits

          • Unique multi-site contact active ingredient.
          • Excellent control of dollar spot and 10 additional turf diseases
          • Controls dollar spot that is resistant to other chemistries
          • Unique chemical class aids resistance management
          • Perfect rotation partner with Daconil Action for season long contact protection
          • Perfect partner with systemics for inside out protection
          • Formulation holds fungicide to the surface of grass blades even after irrigation and heavy rains
          • One convenient rate for 12 applications per year on all turfgrass at any height

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