Boost your business with free marketing tools from Syngenta

Educating customers about the services you offer and following best practices for maintaining their lawns can lead to loyal customers who are advocates for your business. That’s why Syngenta provides a selection of free marketing materials to help you educate and engage more customers.

You can order free copies of the following materials:

Lawn disease ID guide
  • Provides photos, common symptoms and favorable conditions for key diseases
  • Includes product recommendations for each disease
  • Order one for each truck to show customers disease in their lawn and up-sell your fungicide program

Homeowner best practices handout
  • Provides tips for homeowners to keep their lawns healthy and beautiful, so your services can last longer and be more effective
  • Includes guidelines on mowing heights, advice on aeration and more
Manuscript trifold brochure
  • Illustrates how your service with Manuscript® herbicide controls mature weeds including crabgrass, dallisgrass and tropical signalgrass
  • Gives a clear outline of what to expect after a treatment, including photos from each stage of the process

Selective herbicide brochure
  • Provides overview of how you can selectively protect turf from weeds, even at seeding
  • Uses photos to explain to customers what to expect once their lawn is treated with Tenacity® herbicide

Fast-acting fire ant bait brochure
  • Gives your customers fast facts about fire ants, such as reproductive habits and how to spot an infestation
  • Informs about Advion® fire ant bait and how it can provide total colony control of fire ants within 72 hours

Mosquito protection brochure
When your clients are educated about your services, they can help you do what’s needed to keep their lawns beautiful and healthy. To order your free marketing materials, visit

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