Get big results with 4-oz. small pack bottle sizes

When treating your customers’ lawns, you need the flexibility to choose the product size that’s right for the job. That’s why Syngenta has introduced smaller 4-oz. bottles for Acelepryn® insecticide, Heritage® SC fungicideBarricade® 4FL herbicide and Primo Maxx® plant growth regulator, which can be ideal solutions for any size property. These convenient sizes will be joining the ever popular 8 oz. bottle of Tenacity® herbicide.

Acelepryn insecticide
For leading control of grubs, billbugs and turf caterpillars and more, turn to Acelepryn. Of the surveyed lawn care companies, 94% reported that the insecticide exceeded their expectations, with an average rating of 4.56 out of 5 stars.1 Benefits of Acelepryn include:
  • Long-lasting control with only one application
  • No adverse effects on beneficial and non-target organisms like honeybees2—92% of lawncare operators reported it was important to them/their customers that Acelepryn has no signal word and no adverse effects on beneficial and non-target organisms including honeybees.1
  • Wide application window starting in April that takes the guesswork out of timing applications
  • Tree and shrub protection from pests like Japanese beetles, webworms, lace bugs and aphids
  • Download the Acelepryn rate card for application rates
  • Acelepryn on-fertilizer purchases through May 31, 2024 count toward establishing your GreenTrust® 365 rebate percentage
Heritage SC fungicide

Get plant protection from root to leaf tip with Heritage SC, which:

  • Controls 25+ soilborne and foliar turf diseases and 30+ ornamental diseases
  • Provides fast systemic uptake even protects new growth
  • Allows for fewer applications with 28-days of control
Barricade 4FL herbicide

Expect long-lasting pre-emergent weed control with Barricade 4FL, which offers:

  • Guaranteed season-long protection with one application.
  • Controls 30+ weeds in turf and landscape beds
  • Offers flexible rates for the amount of residual control needed
  • Download the Barricade rate card for application rates
  • Barricade on-fertilizer purchases through May 31, 2024 count toward establishing your GreenTrust 365 rebate percentage

Primo Maxx plant growth regulator

Improve turf quality with Primo Maxx, which:

  • Reduces mowing frequency, water use and improve drought tolerance
  • Slows vertical plant growth, reducing edging along walkways and fences
  • Produces healthier, denser turf that’s better equipped to stand up to stress (e.g. heat and drought)
Take advantage of the popular Tenacity herbicide 8-oz. bottle

See why the Tenacity herbicide 8-oz. bottle has been so popular for years:
  • Provides pre- and post-emergent control of 46+ weeds
  • Controls crabgrass, clover, dandelion, ground ivy, foxtail, yellow nutsedge, nimblewill, bentgrass, etc.
  • Eliminates weeds at seeding so new grass can flourish
  • Based on a naturally occurring compound produced by the bottlebrush plant

For more information about these convenient sizes, please contact your local DSR or Syngenta territory manager or visit

1Source: 2021 TechValidate survey
2Source: Jonathan L. Larson, Carl T. Redmond and Daniel A. Potter, SCI. September 2011.

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