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Syngenta is committed to providing the tools, education and guarantee for season long control of Annual Bluegrass Weevils (ABW).

As ABW season is winding down, consider the following tips:
Enjoy 10% savings on Acelepryn®, Ference® and Provaunt® WDG insecticides with the GreenTrust® 365 ABW solution pallet.

  • You can get guaranteed control of ABW by following the WeevilTrak℠ Annual Bluegrass Weevil Guarantee 
  • Growing degree days and phenological indicators are useful guides for tracking life stages, but cannot replace the importance of scouting for determining thresholds 
  • While there are some general similarities among ABW development, each geography tends to be different as to when it first appears and the level of turf injury caused  
  • Insect developmental stages are a critical piece of information when choosing a product for treatment  
  • Mowing and irrigation play a vital role in determining the success of a treatment application 
  • Resistance management will continue to be an integral part of management programs now and into the future 
  • Sign up for WeevilTrak and/or text messaging alerts to be informed of timing and application recommendations 

Automatically earn the GreenTrust 365 Plan It Your Way Rebate on early order period purchases of Acelepryn 0.5 gal. as well as Acelepryn Xtra insecticide, Ference and Provaunt WDG.

ABW Control Webinar

Experts from the Syngenta tech team led a GCSAA webinar discussing a variety of ABW-related topics, including:

  • Research findings in ABW-affected areas
  • How to time applications correctly
  • Integrated approaches to sampling
  • Using tools like Growing Degree Days and WeevilTrak to stay in control of ABW
  • Watering-in recommendations

Watch the full webinar below:


Hear customer success stories from superintendents across the country using Ference:

By purchasing at least two cases of Ference on one invoice, which will treat 32 acres at the 12 fl. oz./A rate, you will receive an 8% price discount.

For more information on ABW control, visit or contact your local Syngenta territory manager. 

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