Guaranteed fairy ring control

By Lisa Beirn, Ph.D., technical services manager for Syngenta 

Photo credit: Dr. Lane Tredway, Syngenta. Photo taken June 19, 2013 in Miami, Florida.
Fairy ring can be a difficult disease to manage. That’s why Syngenta offers a selection of tools and a guaranteed prevention program to help you stay in control.  

Preventative approaches 

The best way to control fairy ring is to prevent it from occurring in the first place. Preventive fungicide applications, beginning in the spring when soil temperatures reach 60 F and repeated on a 28-day interval, can help provide effective control. 

Visit to see current soil temperatures in your area and sign up to receive email alerts when they become favorable for fairy ring or other diseases.
Ensure control with the Fairy Ring Guarantee Program 

​​​​​​​Since spring is a key time to prevent root diseases like summer patch, take-all patch or mini ring, selecting the right product rotation can deliver a more comprehensive solution. Our Preventive Fairy Ring Guarantee provides recommendations for creeping bentgrass, bermudagrass or seashore paspalum putting greens that will not only prevent fairy ring, but these other diseases as well.  

Rotations of Velista® and Briskway® fungicides, both applied at 0.7 oz./1,000 ft.2, are the foundation of the Fairy Ring Guarantee Program. These products are now available year-round in a Multipak containing six 22-oz. bottles of Velista and one 1-gal. bottle of Briskway. Other effective options for fairy ring prevention, including Posterity® XTHeadway® and Heritage® Action™ fungicides, can be incorporated when they provide the most value as part of an agronomic program. 

​​​​​​​The guarantee is now available for California-based superintendents; however, as Posterity XT isn’t registered for use in California, superintendents should us Heritage TL fungicide (2 fl. oz.) or Headway (3 fl. oz.)  instead.

Save with a fairy ring pallet solution 

Automatically qualify for the 2024 GreenTrust® 365 Program and get 10% savings on the products you need for guaranteed fairy ring control. The pallet solution, which is only available from Oct. 1-Dec. 8, 2023, includes:
  • 1 – Briskway 2 x 1 gal. 
  • 1 – Velista 6 x 22 oz. 
  • 3 – Heritage Action + Velista Multipak 

For more information on fairy ring control, visit the Syngenta fairy ring solutions page.   

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