Get the most out of the GreenTrust 365 Early Order Period

The Early Order Period for the 2024 GreenTrust® 365 program ends on Dec. 8, 2023. This is your last chance to take advantage of offers like the Plan It Your Way rebate and GreenTrust 365 pallet solutions to maximize your savings.

The Plan It Your Way rebate

When you purchase at least $10,000 of Posterity®, Daconil® and/or Secure® fungicide brands during the Early Order Period, with at least $3,000 of that purchase comprised of Posterity brands, you can earn an additional 6-12% rebate.

This year new products are eligible for rebates. Plan It Your Way rebates will now be applied to Early Order Period purchases of Ference®, Provaunt® WDG, Acelepryn® (0.5 gallons) and Acelepryn Xtra insecticides.
1You can qualify for the Plan It Your Way rebate by purchasing only Posterity brands.
2The PIYW rebate will be applied to all purchases of Posterity, Daconil, Secure, Acelepryn 0.5 gal, Acelepryn Xtra, Ference and Provaunt WDG made from Oct. 1-Dec. 8, 2023.
3Pallet purchases featuring Acelepryn Xtra will fast track you to the 12% rebate level for Plan It Your Way.
Multipaks are included in the qualification for and payment of the PIYW rebates.

See the full list of qualifying products and learn more about the program here.

Pallet Solutions

These solutions were designed to match our agronomic program recommendations and can provide up to an additional 22% savings. Additionally, many of the pallet solutions will automatically qualify you for the 2024 GreenTrust 365 program.

Pallet solutions include:

  • ABW Solution
  • All Season Solution
  • Fairy Ring Solution
  • Greens Foundation Solution
  • Greens Protection Solution
  • Fairway Starter Solution
  • Winter Protection Solution

These pallet solutions are only available until Dec. 8. To see the full selection of pallet solutions, visit or download our Pallet Solutions sheet.

Rebate Calculators

With so many options to choose from, you can optimize your savings with the GreenTrust 365 rebate calculators, which make it easy to determine how you can achieve the most savings. Syngenta has developed three calculators to best fit your needs:

  • AgronomicPro GOLF
    • This calculator will consider your acreage, turf type, region and application rotation schedule to help you maximize your savings based on order volumes, configurations using Multipaks, Pallets and the Plan It Your Way rebate
  • SavingsPlus
    • Select products and volumes that you use in your own agronomic program, and the SavingsPlus calculator will help you maximize savings by determining optimal package sizes, configurations including Multipaks, Pallets and the Plan It Your Way rebate
  • Basic Savings
    • If you already know exactly what you want to purchase, this is the calculator for you. Simply enter the basic quantities and we’ll show you your savings, including bonuses from the Plan It Your Way rebate

Don’t miss out on potential savings! Make your purchases before Dec. 8, 2023.

For more information about the 2024 GreenTrust 365 program, visit

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