Tips for Maintaining Healthy Plants Through Shipping

It’s critical to consider strategies to protect your crops from diseases and insects as they are being transported to retail to ensure crop quality and salability. Be sure to make final fungicide and insecticide applications to protect crops as they head to consumers’ landscapes. This stage in production is also a good time to consider a plant growth regulator (PGR) to help plants stay uniform and compact on retail shelves.

To prevent diseases caused by downy mildew and phytophthora pathogens, apply Segovis® fungicide before shipping crops like coleus, impatiens, vinca and roses. This last application can protect crops all the way to the landscape. It can even protect crops that are planted in areas where downy mildew has been active in the past.

Plants that have been or will be boxed, stored or transported are highly susceptible to Botrytis since higher humidity and ethylene levels in these spaces contribute to plant stress and disease susceptibility. To protect crops during transport spray Mural® fungicide or Postiva fungicide prior to shipping to ensure they are disease free upon arrival.

Botrytis on rosemary. Rechcigl, Syngenta

Mainspring® GNL insecticide shields greenhouse and nursery crops from key chewing and sucking insects, including aphids and thrips. When sprayed, Mainspring GNL provides extended protection through systemic and translaminar movement to prevent pest populations from building to damaging levels. Spray applications deliver 14-21 days of protection, while drench applications deliver 10+ weeks of protection with higher use rates.

Thrips injury on impatiens. Rechcigl, Syngenta

Avid® 0.15 EC miticide/insecticide is a proven standard in mite and leafminer control. After application, Avid penetrates the leaf surface to form a reservoir of active ingredient inside the leaf tissue. This reservoir provides long-lasting activity against insects and mites.

Lastly, don’t forget a final application of Bonzi® plant growth regulator, which can be applied as a spray, drench or pre-plant bulb soak on a wide variety of ornamental crops. A timely application helps keep plants compact and at their peak for longer, which can help increase profitability.

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