Control weeds in naturalized areas and roughs

By Dean Mosdell, Ph.D., technical services manager for Syngenta

Naturalized areas and roughs are becoming a more common focus on golf courses that are considering environmental changes to their property. These areas are considered low-maintenance, but the level of inputs will impact their quality and appearance of naturalized areas.

Weed control is a key component in maintenance of these areas. In addition to herbicide applications, one of the best weed control practices is mowing once or twice a year. The species composition can make herbicide selection challenging, so a pre-emergence herbicide such as Barricade® 4FL or Barricade 65WG, which both demonstrate turf safety on most established grasses, will help control annual grass and some dicot weeds.

The extended soil residual of Barricade brand herbicides means applications can be made in the fall after soil temperatures drop below 50° F or in the early spring for summer annual weed control. For late germinating weeds such as foxtails, a second application is recommended eight to 12 weeks later. If a fall application was made, wait until soil temperatures reach 65° F for the second application.

Barricade application rates for turf species

Fine fescue

Other species

 Barricade 4FL

24 fl. oz.

32 fl. oz.

 Barricade 65WG

1.15 lbs.

1.5 lbs.

apply half these amounts if you are making two applications


This California golf course features well-maintained naturalized areas and roughs.

Barricade Graph Purdue University, Penn State University, North Carolina State University and University of Arkansas, 2000.

For more information about weed control in naturalized areas and roughs, please contact your local Syngenta territory manager. Syngenta also has soil temperature maps and alerts available to help monitor pests like crabgrass.

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